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Online videos are beneficial to your company for many reasons. They continue to grow in popularity, especially among Canadians. They improve your website’s page ranking. They help build relationships with potential customers. And they’re ideal for sharing on various social media sites. Tyrone Newhook can produce an online video that will work for you?


Just some of the many reasons they should be integral to your marketing strategy

EVERYONE IS WATCHING: Online videos have become increasingly popular over the past several years, and professional watchers of the online world predict their popularity will continue to grow. Canadians are especially big fans. According to a month-long survey conducted in 2011 by comScore Video Metrix, Canadians were the top viewers of online videos in the world. The survey showed that each Canadian viewer watched 303 online videos during that one month.

INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC: Google and other search engines are drawn to pages with video. This means adding videos to your website will improve your site’s page rankings and therefore increase the number of visitors to your site,

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Using videos on your website provides a great opportunity for your company to build relationships with potential customers. Video is an emotional medium, as viewers quickly experience an emotional response while watching. So, for example, if visitors can see the people who are behind the products and services offered, a connection can form and trust can build.

INCREASE LEAD CONVERSION: According to eMarketer, a company that covers digital marketing, potential customers are 40 percent more likely to visit a company’s website or call the company right after watching the company’s video.

IDEAL FOR SHARING: Along with loving to watch online videos, Internet users also love sharing them. Facebook, Twitter and the countless other social media sites are set up so users can conveniently share videos with friends and others. In the ideal scenario, the video goes viral, reaching thousands and even millions of people.

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Internet users one time or another go online to look up how to do something. It could be as simple as how to tie a bow on a gift to how to lay down hardwood floors. Whatever the task, someone will be looking for information. And when it comes to learning how to do something, nothing beats having someone show us. By watching your how-to video, these potential customers become familiar with your company, which is the first step to building a relationship. Plus, once your video proves to be a good source of information, your company gains credibility.


As a business owner, go on camera and introduce yourself. Tell visitors a bit about who you and your company are. You can have your staff do the same thing. Putting the human face to a business can create trust and build relationships. It shows that your company is real, with real, relatable people.


If Facebook and other social media have taught us one thing, it’s how much we value the opinions of those around us. People are likely to make purchasing decisions based more on recommendations from online friends than they are on ads from companies. These days, people don’t want to be “advertised to”, but we certainly welcome recommendations from people in our circles.



You’ve got a great product or service, so let people know. Promote your product or service in an online video. Show visitors to your site the qualities that make it so great.


Produce an online video explaining how your product or service works. This gives your visitor useful information about a product they’re searching for. And the more informed your visitor is, the more likely he or she will choose your product or service.


Videotape a tour of your workplace to help visitors get to know your company better. Show them what your company’s workplace environment is like, as well as the people working there and who are responsible for the product or service you’re offering. Much like introduction videos, the workplace tour video assures potential customers that your company is real, with real people doing real jobs. It helps create trust and build relationships.