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With about 20 years of journalism experience, Toronto freelance writer and TV producer Tyrone Newhook can ensure your editorial and online video projects meet your high professional standards. No project is too big or too small, from writing, blogging, editing and researching to designing your publications, such as brochures, e-mail newsletters and news releases, to producing online videos for your website. Client satisfaction is paramount.


  1. to ensure your reports, news releases, advertorials, blogs and other publications are strongly written, accurate and clear;

  1. to design a publication, such as a newsletter or brochure;

  1. to produce an online video for your website to market your company, product or service;

  1. to create a virtual tour and other real estate marketing tools to sell a home;

...dressing/gravy communications can help.

The Toronto boutique agency specializes in content creation. So if your project is print- video- and/or online-based, you’ve come to the right agency, even if you are located thousands of kilometers away from Toronto.

Having worked in journalism for about 20 years, owner Tyrone Newhook, who’s now a Toronto freelance writer and TV producer, has the knowledge and experience to guarantee your content will meet the highest professional standards.


“I've worked with Tyrone in several capacities over the past 15 years. I've always found his creative mind and lateral thinking to be an asset to our production teams. In particular, his witty ‘turn of phrase’ and ability to tell solid stories added dimension to the programs we worked on.”

--- Susan Taylor, executive in charge of production, Factual Entertainment, CBC-TV; former executive producer of The Hour and Steven and Chris