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Whatever your editorial needs, whether it’s writing, editing, researching, proofreading or fact checking, Tyrone Newhook’s work will meet your highest professional standards. He can design your publications, such as newsletters, news releases, annual reports, and brochures, and, oversee the printing of your project. All while ensuring you stay on budget.

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Chances are you have a million and one things to do in a day. So it’s understandable if you can’t give your full attention to each task all of the time. But when it comes to the information you deliver,  it’s also understandable that you still expect high-quality writing. That’s how I can help you. Glance at the list below to see what I can take off your plate. If what you’re looking for isn’t on the list, contact Tyrone Newhook to discuss your needs.

If those three adjectives in the title above don’t describe your message, then that message needs a re-write. You want eyeballs on your message, whether it’s a newsletter, a brochure, a sales letter, a TV ad or an advertorial. And to get that attention, your message must stand out from the clutter of information that constantly bombards your audience. Strong writing, a.k.a. crisp, clear and engaging writing, plays a major role in reaching that goal. Here’s what it boils down to:

  1. Crisp writing means your words must be precise, powerful and needed.

  2. And there’s no messing around with what you’re trying to say. Make your point.  Get rid of all of those words that take up valuable space without adding anything to the content. And that includes that clever phrase you came up with. If it doesn’t add value, toss it. The overall message is what’s important.

  1. A message not clearly written, is a message not clearly understood.

  2. If you’re lucky, some in your audience may spend their valuable time re-reading. That’s if you’re lucky. But don’t force them to waste their time. In broadcast, such luck doesn’t exist. Once the words are spoken, they’re gone.  If someone didn’t understand the first time, you’ve lost them.

  1. Your message must engage the audience.

  2. Affect them on an emotional level. They must relate to what you’re saying, whether it’s sad, happy, fearful, or angry, etc. Let’s say though that you’re selling stereo speakers. You may wonder how buying stereo speakers can be emotionally relevant. On the surface, a customer says they want them merely because they’ll blast music louder. What they’re actually saying is loud music makes them happy. An emotional connection.

So if your message is not crisp, clear and engaging, contact Tyrone Newhook. He can help you.

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